Sunday, September 5, 2010

Week 34: Superfreakonomics by Steven Levitt & Stephen Dubner

Just like Daniel-son and Coca-Cola, an original like Freakonomics is difficult to follow. Superfreakonomics is the next cooperative writing/research experiment from the geniuses who made me giggle about the silly names of the KKK, or the crazy baby names that less-educated people come up with.

Superfreakonomics was not quite as earth-shattering for me as Freakonomics. Despite having a great chapter on climate change (which answered a lot of questions), I felt it lacked the luster and flow of the first. Not to say these guys aren't completely brilliant, of course. They are. Without a doubt. And their subjects just get more interesting as they go along. I still don't know how they found "Intellectual Ventures," that's one storefront I'd like to explore.

It's important to me to think critically about the issues that affect us all. Challenging popular opinion, even if it's just within my own mind, gives me an advantage. I'm not prepared to accept just whatever stupid answer somebody gives me. Levitt & Dubner encourage readers to cultivate curiosity and imagination. Only then can ideas - really awesome ones - spring forth.

I hope they'll try for a third brainchild - and I promise I'll read that one, too. I'll also loyally maintain my subscription to the Freakonomics podcast.

I never know what these two will come up with next. They're full to the brim with surprises.

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