Saturday, October 30, 2010

Week 43: The Little Guide to Your Well-Read Life by Steve Leveen

Oddly enough, the two books I read on how to fit more books into my life ultimately took more time than the other books on my blog. It certainly wasn't because of the sheer length of the books but because I wanted to absorb every single letter.

The Little Guide to Your Well-Read Life begins with one simple lesson: the more "well-read" you are, the more you will understand how little you actually know - and will be able to know - during the course of your life. Throughout the past year, I've been overwhelmingly disturbed by the fact that the less I knew, the smarter I thought I was. Hence, the reason why everyone should make reading a priority.

In this book, the author discusses the importance of active reading as it relates to comprehension and retention. I've discovered that I'm a "Preservationist" (versus a "Footprint Leaver"), which means I don't write in the margins of my books. But apparently it's a great way to retain information. This is just one of many tips offered by the author.

Although this book was a little bit dry, it had some great points. I'm glad I bought it because I'll probably go back to it a hundred times.

Though I may pick up a new copy. The previous owner decided to become a Footprint Leaver halfway through the book. Ugh.

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