Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Week 59: Save the Males by Kathleen Parker

I've discovered that I really like sociology. I was in Borders' sociology section yesterday and I've read almost every book on the shelf. If I haven't, they are on my reading list. Is it possible I didn't know that sociology was the genre I loved? Apparently, yes.
I've never disliked men; in fact, it's possible I've liked them too much. Despite what you may think, I'm not a feminist. Men are great. But men represent a challenge for every woman for different reasons depending on which stage of life they may be in. But they are not expendable, despite what feminist may say. And they deserve to be treated with respect.

In Save the Males, Parker addresses many of the difficult gender-equality issues that are playing out in America's political field. She addresses child support, abortion, military, and women in combat. They're tough issues to tackle, but she did it well.

Kathleen Parker took a big chance by writing this book. The target she effectively put on her own back is sizeable; and I'm sure that feminists are lining up, getting their guns loaded. Despite whatever slack she may wind up getting, Parker backed all of her opinions with research and findings that proved her points with great solidarity.

I enjoyed reading this book. It was smart and even funny in some places. Thank you, Kathleen Parker, for her bravery. If a man had written this book, it wouldn't have gotten through the first editing process... further proof of Kathleen's point.

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