The Goal

To continue to read one book each week
To find authors who inspire me
To teach myself discipline
To share my experiences with others

Friday, September 9, 2016

New Challenge, When Master's is Complete

Sooooo... I am a few months away from finishing my Master's of Science in Management - Healthcare Administration. I know that this will free up some time to read, and I intend to catch up on every bit of reading that I've missed while I've been reading ridiculously boring textbooks.

I'm toying with the idea of setting a new goal for myself - one that will require me to have my nose in a book ever spare minute of the day. The goal is to read 100 books in a year - that's about 2 books per week for an entire year.

I got the idea after reading a blog post about how this goal could be attained. The essential idea is to constantly be reading, whenever you can spare a moment. So, I figured why not? Here is my [working] plan:
  • Read e-books on my Kindle, which can bookmark my progress from device to device (I tried it today going from Kindle to smart phone, and it works)
  • Load the Kindle app on my PC at work and catch up on my lunch breaks, between projects, or when my brain needs a rest from writing
  • Keep an audiobook going in my car, listening to it during my commute and any long trips.
  • Keep a book on my bedside table and read - instead of watching TV - for at least thirty minutes before bed.
  • Add audiobooks to my smartphone so that I can listen to them while I'm doing brainless repetitive database work that requires no cerebral effort.
I may decide to subscribe to Audible so I never have any down time between audiobooks, just in case my library holds don't come in in a timely manner.

I'm mom of two kids, with an OCD boyfriend, and a full time job. I figure if I can read 100 books in a year, anybody can do it.

God, just imagine what I'll learn about the world, about others, and about myself.

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