The Goal

To continue to read one book each week
To find authors who inspire me
To teach myself discipline
To share my experiences with others

Monday, July 12, 2010

Week 25: Dimiter by William Peter Blatty

William Peter Blatty's style is illustrious and passionate. He's the author of the Exorcist, so I thought things would get weird and wild pretty quickly.

Imagine a contract killer who is so gifted at understanding his victims that he actually "becomes" them, on a supernatural level. That is the basic premise of this story, which starts out in Albania and moves to Jerusalem in the early 1970's.

The idea was a good one, but the momentum of the book was completely off kilter for me. It took 231 pages of reading before the story began to take shape. I didn't actually get any of the major concepts of the book until the last 8 pages, which may have been the author's intent all along. I don't know.

I was pretty lost throughout the book. Maybe I read it too quickly. Maybe I just didn't get it. Maybe you will.

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