Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Book 82: The Empty Glass by J.I. Baker

Another Smyrna Library Discussion Group book - recommended by Tiffany S.! This book was written in a way that grabbed and kept my interest from the beginning to the end. Someone told me this was J.I. Baker's first novel; I say he rocked it.

Marilyn Monroe's death has always been surrounded by intrigue. Told from the perspective of the deputy medical examiner, the story takes on a different shape. In contrast to the typical picture of Marilyn as a glamorous, drug-addicted movie star, Baker paints a story of a sad, lonely woman who knew too much and came to an untimely end by the hands of American political icons. 

Although I found myself wishing for more content at the end of this book (The Empty Glass felt rather empty) I really enjoyed the style and the confidence with which the book was written. 

Pick it up if you want to read something different.

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