Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Book 83: No Country for Old Men by Cormac McCarthy (Audiobook)

Okay, we all know this book was depressing... I hear the movie was even worse. In fact, I found out recently that I had the movie on my iPod, and I'm ignoring it.

An unwitting discovery leads a man from his normal life as a welder to a life on the run. In a very short time, he goes from hunting antelope to being hunted by an assassin who won't give up until he gets his mark.

Cormac McCarthy is not known for painting pretty pictures in his books. His books are normally very dark. In fact, most people I spoke with thought the book was downright terrible. I had an entirely different opinion. Although the book doesn't have a happy ending, the writing was superb. Listening to the audiobook read by Tom Stechschulte kept me completely enraptured. His voice and accent made the story feel even more authentic.

I greatly enjoyed this book, the character development, and, despite its sadness, the intricate and intense storyline. Very worthwhile, especially in audiobook form.

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