Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Book 86: Home by Toni Morrison

I’m breaking protocol by putting up this post before the Smyrna Library Book Discussion Group gets their fair input, but oh well. Hopefully they don’t bother to follow this blog.

Although I haven’t always loved the subject matter of Toni Morrison’s books, I usually get caught up in her brilliant, artful style of writing. She is usually able to carry my attention quite easily because she keeps things interesting. She is an incredible storyteller.

In “Home,” Morrison didn’t disappoint me. The book had its oddities - for one thing, I didn’t like the beginning or the end - it felt as if I entered the room when a TV show had just begun, and I missed the introduction, then never figured out how it ended. And yet, this is why I say Tony is artful. She is able to use the style of her writing and the story in order together to convey a feeling.  As a result, I felt like the characters were in limbo the entire time, and in the story, they were. I was supposed to feel confused and lost, because they were, too.

“Home” is the story of a Korea veteran and his sister, the last members of a dying, poverty-stricken family. Their story is one of survival, separation, trauma, and finally, being reunited. It was not a pleasant story, but did accurately portray one sibling’s love for another.

I really enjoyed this book, but had to re-read certain chapters several times to really “see” what Morrison was trying to convey. A good read for just about anybody. Hope you’ll pick it up.

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