The Goal

To continue to read one book each week
To find authors who inspire me
To teach myself discipline
To share my experiences with others

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Book 85: Magical Thinking by Augusten Burroughs

Augusten Burroughs is messed up. There is no doubt in my mind that an army of therapists could not make a dent in his screwed up mountain of problems. Despite that, he is an apt and enormously entertaining writer.

A few years back, I read Burroughs’s bestseller, “Running with Scissors,” which he claims is a true account of his life growing up as a gay male, complete with negligent, detached parents. He was eventually sent to live with a liberal family with lunatic (though well-educated) parents. The book was very disturbing but also, kept me well-entertained.

Burroughs is a moderately successful ad-copy writer who has published several essays as part of his work for a magazine. “Magical Thinking” is a collection of his essays, written from true life odd occurrences. They show the best of Burroughs’s crude (if hysterical) sense of humor, his life as a single (later, partnered) gay male living in New York. Some of his essays are laugh-out-loud funny, and others are deeply introspective.

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