Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Book 98: Adventures with Buster by London Lake Pickett (Review Requested)

I don't usually review children's books but when Ms. Pickett requested a review, I couldn't say no. ("Buster" is the name of my favorite crocheted stuffed dog, lovingly made by my mother, and my daughter Katelyn now sleeps with him every night.) This adorable children's book was sent to me by London Lake Pickett herself. I know we will treasure our copy and the beautiful handwritten note that accompanied it.

When we got the book in the mail, I thought, "Well, I'll get through this in a couple of minutes," so I waited to read it with my seven year old daughter and my four year old son. With London's blessing, I asked the kids to help me review it, and they agreed. Last night we finally got some time to ourselves and sat down and read it, and they loved it.

First, the paintings in this book are gorgeous. Every picture is vibrant and memorable. Second, the book taught us that we didn't know anything about guide dogs. I mean it when I say we knew nothing at all. The kids were stunned when we read the part about Buster wearing a badge that said, "Don't pet me. I'm working." They were amazed that Buster could go to the grocery store with Ms. Pickett. The kids laughed out loud when we read about the rabbit incident. And I myself was surprised that a guide dog's owner has to go through 28 days of conditioning and training prior to taking the dog home. It must be like boot camp, I thought several times. What seemed to make the most impact on me, however, was Ms. Pickett's ability to explain her own vision deficits to children.

The book is on Amazon, but the best way to buy it is to write London Pickett yourself. She is planning to make a series out of the Buster books and continue to write about their lives together. You can reach her at adventureswithbuster@yahoo.com.

Thanks, London, for the chance to read and review your story! You have earned Kate & Nate's Official Seal of Approval. I wish you and Buster all the best in your next adventure!


  1. I loved it too and although I have known the family for many years, baby sitting for quite a few and tutoring also, I didn't realize all the work that goes into to being and having a guide dog.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Barbara! My kids and I love London and Buster already! It must be great to know them personally. :)