Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Books 104 & 105: "Plugged" & "Screwed" by Eoin Colfer (Audiobooks) Read by John Keating

Although I'm not sure you'll get the chance I did, you'll probably want to pick up both of these audiobooks at the same time. Once I got through Plugged, I wanted to start Screwed right away. 
The story of Daniel McEvoy is, well, crazy. Daniel is an Irish ex-soldier who spent a lot of time in "the Lebanon" doing "peacekeeping" work for the U.N. He leaves the service, emigrates to the U.S., and works in New York City for a while as a bouncer. Eventually, he winds up living and working in a casino in Cloisters, NJ, which is a seedy place at best. 
Daniel McEvoy could have the worst luck of any character ever written, and most of the bad luck comes from being associated with his best friend, also of "the Lebanon", Dr. Zebulon "Zeb" Kronsky. 
On a routine trip to get his hair plugs inspected by Zeb, he finds the office ransacked, accidentally kills a mobster, and finds himself in a hornet's nest that just keeps getting worse. 
These books were filled with scenarios that were riotously funny, keeping me giggling on the ride to and from work. Both stories were out of this world, but Colfer's writing really made the story feel authentic. And John Keating, with his Irish lilt, was the perfect choice as narrator.
I won't tell all Daniel's secrets... you'll have to discover them for yourself. Both of these audiobooks get an A+ rating from me! I absolutely loved them. 
If you have an aversion to violence or profanity, you might want to skip these. Or, you could use them as a delightfully naughty break from the norm. 

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