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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Book 117: Lone Wolf by Jodie Picoult (Audiobook)

First of all, let me say that I really have enjoyed Jodie Picoult's books up until this point. However, this book disappointed me on many levels. And I feel so bad, because Jodie is a badass writer.

I read this book for our book club at the Smyrna Public Library. Sometimes our selections are hit or miss for me. This was a complete miss for me.

Although the premise of the book was really wonderful - the parallels between the familial relationship of wolves and those of the Warren family - I felt that Picoult's execution was lacking. The honest to goodness truth is that toward the middle of the book, I began to get bored. The more it went on, the more bored I got. By the time I got to what I hoped was the end, I was no longer interested in the Warren family. I just wanted their suffering - and my suffering - to be over.

Stephen King is the master of suspense. He is an expert at building momentum and keeping his readers on the edge of their seats. Although Picoult is a creative storyteller, an awesome researcher, and generally knows how to engage her readers, she misses the mark with her attempt at suspense. The problem is, I've read King extensively, and I know what suspense is supposed to feel like. Instead, listening to this book felt like an absolute chore. I wanted it to end long before it did.

Although I missed the book club discussion on Lone Wolf, I've heard that many of those in attendance loved it. Since the book is also a #1 New York Times Bestseller, I suppose this only proves that I'm just as square a peg as I've always been. I'm okay with that.

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