Sunday, August 20, 2017

Book 149: Grunt: The Curious Science of Humans at War by Mary Roach

My bestie, Liz, is responsible for introducing me to the witty and wonderful Mary Roach, an author I truly admire.

Although Grunt meandered a little more than some of Roach's other books, it definitely kept my attention. More than a few times, it made me appreciate how courageous writers need to be to get the full story, no matter what. To complete this book, Roach had to ask seasoned military professionals embarrassing questions, and got the skinny on every topic from perspiration to shark repellent to in-combat diarrhea. The result is a book that is both fascinating and disturbing, which made me appreciate my Air Force brother more than ever.

I remember when I had the opportunity to be an Honorary Commander for the Dover Air Force Base. I also remember being the least experienced when it came to... well... anything that had to do with the military. I asked a lot of stupid questions but I got a lot of straight answers, even if they came with the occasional sideways glance. I could relate to many of Roach's stories because of this experience.

Our nearby Dover Air Force Base and its Mortuary Affairs is profiled in this book, as well as a fairly accurate description of the town surrounding it.

I enjoyed this book and hope you'll pick it up. Don't skip the footnotes... they're the best part!

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