Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Book 152: Untangled: Guiding Teenage Girls through the Seven Transitions into Adulthood by Lisa Damour, Ph.D (Audiobook)

This review is dedicated to my daughter, Katelyn, who is presently 11 years old.

I listened to this audiobook, read by the author Dr. Lisa Damour. My daughter will be 12 years old in no time at all, and seems to be developing at an accelerated pace. Or maybe it's because I can remember the day she was born and how I felt as I held her newborn eight pound, eight ounce body in my arms.

When I picked up this audiobook at the library, I hoped to learn how I could be my daughter's strongest supporter as she grows into a young woman. I was pleasantly surprised; not only was the book a fantastic guide for me as a mother, I also learned a great deal about myself and my tumultuous teenage years.

Dr. Damour drew upon her substantial experience as a counselor for teenage girls to write about what she calls the seven stages of a girl's development. She used a number of real life scenarios to illustrate how girls take on challenges, interact with their friends, slowly detach themselves from their parents, and begin to strike out on their own.

Shortly after I finished this book, my daughter displayed some of the behavior Dr. Damour discussed in the first transition. I felt reassured that my daughter's behavior was completely normal, and all I needed to give her was some space and respect. It worked, and it was no big deal. It was an immediate validation of Dr. Damour's advice.

I loved this book through and through and felt serious regret that Dr. Damour hadn't published it earlier. My parents could have used her advice.

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