The Goal

To continue to read one book each week
To find authors who inspire me
To teach myself discipline
To share my experiences with others

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Week 27: The Journal of Patrick Seamus Flaherty

Patrick Seamus Flaherty was a Marine serving in the Vietnam War, specifically at Khe Sanh, in 1968. A native of Boston and a true Irishman, Patrick was given a small diary by his father the night before he left for war. He faithfully wrote about his life in the corps, and about his experience as a Marine at the most famous standoff of the Vietnam War.

I was born in 1979, so I will never truly understand the anger and emotion that prevailed in America during the late 1960's. No matter how much history I read, I'll never really "get it". Much like my grandchildren will not understand present-day America's feelings about the Iraqi/Afghan conflicts. But a perspective like this one, written candidly from the front lines... well, it makes me think.

Patrick's story is just one of half a million troops that were shipped off to Vietnam. He survived and shared his story, I think, on behalf of those who could not. For a tight-lipped Marine, I believe this was an enormous sacrifice.

A good, easy-to-read, poignant book.

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