Saturday, August 21, 2010

Week 31: A Compendium of Skirts by Phyllis Moore

I read every short story in this book twice, except for the last one, because I got it on the first round. A Compendium of Skirts was a difficult but rewarding book to read, full of lovely, illustrative language that thrilled me at times, and sometimes puzzled me. I want to learn French. The author inserted whole sentences in French that I know had significance but wouldn't translate comprehensively using an online translator. French is like that.

I loved this compilation of stories because of their concurrent simplicities and complexities. Reading each chapter twice helped me to solidify the message, which was sometimes not clear. I enjoyed the author's unique ability to challenge my knowledge of the English language. Thank goodness for the Blackberry app.

Do not read this if you want to read something simple and easy to process. Read it if you want to be challenged. I really had to find quiet places to concentrate on this book... and there are a few of these stories that I still can't completely appreciate. But when I did understand them, the feeling was delicious.

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