Saturday, July 8, 2017

Book 137: It Worked for Me in Life and Leadership by Colin Powell (Audiobook)

I am a student of leadership, and Colin Powell's book was fascinating to me. It provided a unique view into his own personal values and what he found worked for him throughout his military and political career.

I listened to the audio version, which was read by Powell himself. The book itself was almost organized as a self-help book, with each chapter designed to teach a leadership or life lesson. Powell provided real-life examples of each lesson, which sometimes were funny or endearing. All the while, Powell's readers had the opportunity to view life through the eyes of one of the most accomplished men in American history.

I probably wouldn't have picked up this book at all if a coworker hadn't lent it to me, so I'm glad she did. I know that I am predisposed to pick up certain kinds of books, and sometimes that limits me in ways I'd prefer it didn't.

If you get this, try the audio version. It's great hearing stories told by the man who lived them.

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